Internet has become one of the world’s most rapid development speed, market potential is the largest and most attractive prospects of the platform, especially the unknown more and more enterprises through the network after the rise, has had a huge impact on the traditional well-known enterprises, resulting in many traditional enterprises have forced restructuring, will transfer to the network on the battlefield. In the major business platform has been unable to meet the premise of enterprise development, the network set off a wave of self built web site.

enterprise website, through a variety of promotional optimization to attract visitors, with more counterparts and precision, the website operation is successful, will produce benefits are enormous, and quickly set up their own brand is the booster.

but now that there are thousands of new websites on the line every day, how can you make your enterprise website stand out and attract much attention?

some people say that 80% of the success of the site depends on the correct positioning of the site.

what is site positioning and how to do site positioning?

some enterprises think, it is not simple, for example, we produce luxury goods, then our website positioning must be high-end, atmospheric, tasteful. Such a decisive outcome will only make this website and even the enterprise difficult to survive in the fierce market competition.

in fact, the core site positioning is to find or create differences in core enterprise website and competitors, which requires website localization to stand in the industry, the market level, rather than just standing on the perspective of self.

then how to find the core point of difference? Has been successful for providing services of more than 5000 foreign trade enterprises, the first global study habits of the user experience of network marketing planning agencies focus Albert, share with you many years of market analysis experience, let you quickly realize the precise positioning of the website, and global marketing.

1, analyze competitors: avoid the existing web site style, create a unique website

‘s analysis of competitors allows companies to avoid detours while creating their own unique paths. Collect all of your competitors’ website building styles, and avoid these existing styles when you are positioning your website style to create a unique website. Only by creating such a unique can attract different people, maximize the interests of the website, and enterprises can live longer. Therefore, enterprises in the construction of the site, do not copy your competitors, but to dare to do their own.

2, web site oriented object analysis: Web site style design website object-oriented style of love

site is designed to attract consumers, that is, the site’s object-oriented, but sometimes there will be inconsistent product users and buyers. For example, enterprises produce baby supplies, does that mean that the enterprise website is going to take a lovely route?

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