has a very important job in website operations, that is, organizational activities. Whether it is social networking sites or electronic business platform, and even the official micro-blog, daily operations cannot do without the activities of the organization, activity, activity can improve the site effectively enhance the user stickiness, the electronic business platform can also promote direct sales. Activity is so important. What skills do you have in organizing your activities?

first of all, activities, themes and prizes can be integrated into brand and emotional factors.

is the human emotional animal, given the activities of affective factors, on the one hand can improve the enthusiasm of users, on the other hand also allows users to have a deep memory at the end of the event, resulting in long-term effect. For example, a photography class website, during the Spring Festival Organizing everyone to do "family photo" theme photography contest, obviously than landscape photography can arouse the user’s emotional factors. In addition to the theme of activities, prizes should also be integrated into brand or emotional factors. When many sites in the activities of the organization in order to save, prizes often set as Q coins, prepaid card etc.. Prepaid card value is flushed away, even some even are not real, how to let users leave memories? If your gift is cheaper than prepaid card printed with logo USB, or printed with logo cards, the effect is completely different. Then when we engage in activities such as the Spring Festival can send iPhone to send "Moutai wine", as well as the theme of "father to bring good wine", "Moutai wine" appeal to the child’s work in a foreign country than mobile phone, why? Because the wine into the father of emotion.

second, activities of the organization can be an occasion to hot events or festivals.

site activities are most afraid of is the user participation is not high, in addition to some factors of propaganda, our activities if we can reasonably use the festival, or taking advantage of hot events, has little effect. For example, earlier I list "to the father with a bottle of wine" example, if this can be an occasion to Spring Festival holiday, one thousand yuan wine bring incentive value may be more than five thousand yuan iPhone. As for the hot events, even more numerous, we live in society almost every other period of time there will be a hot spot of public opinion. For example, Beijing recently "haze" serious, if we are to the highest degree of concern when users engage in a "family protection" activities, do not need expensive prizes, with hundreds of masks, very easy to attract a large number of users to participate in, and use cheap masks as prizes, actively participate in the activities of users usually want to it is almost impossible.

finally, activities can be organized regularly and in series.

if a successful activity is repeated regularly, it can effectively reduce organizational costs, and achieve better activity results, and even cultivate the user’s behavior habits. If your website is on father’s day and mother’s day every year

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