that has created a new form of online shopping, which is a unique marketing pattern of cosmetics, then fame, obtain financing, profitability continues to improve, the scenery of the treatment is rare, but for a newly operating platform, indeed had to admit that it’s operation ability, plus on the characteristics of the business model, is to let the talent shows itself from many of the electricity supplier. But for this period of time, still has many problems, and deep fake supremacy is to let development in the end is what makes one disaster after another, more difficulties for the development of


regardless of the analysis, we should firstly analyze the development mode of’s own first, although worthy of praise, and this pattern of development of lease equipment, because of its great flexibility, more conducive to the control of capital, but also brought the problems of the management of staff training, due to long period led to give up on the part of the regulation, and the consequences of this is the quality of products in sharp decline, so’s development is very unfavorable, once the product quality decline, its reputation in the market also fell, this is undoubtedly a blow to the company itself.

followed by in the quality control of cosmetics purchase on the strict degree is also declining, and I have seen in some city, the quality of many showcase not only simple but its products really make people feel doubt, while’s logistics package although awesome, but the overall quality is also declining, this a series of problems is to let was the conscience of the image of integrity is the huge impact.


is’s own problems, but also need to look at the events from the development mentality, after the enterprises to obtain financing, will expand the scale and development of in their own best time period to obtain financing, but also listed, but this means that enterprises will intensify efforts to pursuit of profits. This is very bad for a new enterprise, firstly, infrastructure construction is complete, for, logistics and sales network has not been perfect, the quality of staff training has not kept pace with these, let own development advantages to decline further.

and the most important is that for the quality of’s fall seems no attention, the decline of quality is to let the brand damage greatly increased, the pursuit of profit eager to let the United States become quick, let us become too anxious, so that in many areas,’s quality can not be controlled, do the results will only make the development more and more, rather than promote the development of

of course, is not only the development of internal problems, is an external development problem in the whole China into electricity supplier development and competitive environment, as a supplier and.

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