college students online entrepreneurship is nothing new, but today’s network of entrepreneurial thinking but a little bit by some unreasonable policy obliterated. As a grassroots webmaster, why do you want to talk about this topic today? The reason is very simple. Too many unreasonable policies come into being at this moment.

a few days ago and a graduate from college students to talk about the topic of business network, talking about in see is discontent, his network in the entrepreneurial process, encountered resistance has made him tired, even want to give up their entrepreneurial ideas, but also not easy to find. However, we mention a few of the most words in question is " the Ministry of " in fact, these three words have far surpassed it in our eyes should have some colors, now we will always put him and some unreasonable policy Lenovo together.

in fact, a series of policies introduced by the Ministry of industry have seriously hampered the development of China’s Internet business. In fact, we all understand this truth, the Ministry of Industry issued a series of policies to stop illegal websites, information appears in the eyes of Internet users, this is commendable.

but now illegal websites is not the mainstream, the proportion of the total number of sites is very small, and the policy of the Ministry but because of this reason, resulting in a large number of legitimate websites that have blocked the development of a bit too far, the results of.

on the other hand the source of illegal websites popular is the Ministry of supervision, the responsibility to the network entrepreneurs, itself has no sense, a little " to " mean, but it is not wrong to fill the gaps in others.

said above is something, let’s look at the recent Ministry of a series of policies, the irrationality of policy analysis.

says the first policy is filed for

for filing policy, let’s not say other shortcomings or advantages, let’s say efficiency. The most basic time for filing the audit is 20 days, only " the most basic " just. It’s normal to catch a holiday after a 2,3 day delay. Even more frightening is that the first time there is no record passed, re submitted, then another 20 days is normal. For a web site owner, more than 20 days is a long time.

The first

website owners are a waste of space cost for more than 20 days, these costs may be a piece of cake for the Ministry of audit, also 100 yuan, but the network for entrepreneurs is not a small value.

second more than 20 days for the development of a website is not a short time, especially for entrepreneurs, time is money, a penniless entrepreneur, patience is limited, and the efficiency of the Ministry has made these people feel helpless and anxiety.


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