with the rapid popularization of the Internet, China’s websites have sprung up, and the ranks of grassroots have been increasing rapidly. Do stand, but the threshold of technology is getting lower and lower, and now the situation is, easy to build, but it is difficult to do a good job. How can we highlight ourselves and make ourselves successful in the site of this sea? In fact, as long as we are practical, it is not difficult. But the website program is not up to us to develop the domestic and foreign, there are many open source and free program available to us, we do stand in the early, there is no need to program changes and development two.

one, preliminary preparation,

although technology is not the threshold, but we still need to know some basic knowledge. Such as any use of FTP upload files, how to bind and resolve domain names, database connections, HTML and CSS basics, and so on. These are also easy, serious to learn, very quick to get started. For those who love the Internet, we will naturally learn and contact them. But in order to be more competitive, we must lay the foundation firmly. Since we have entered the Internet market, we must also understand the market, this is also necessary.

1) familiar with the basic knowledge of domain name, space, programming language, architecture, etc..

2) familiar with HTML, CSS, etc., as long as we can see the code, you can do basic modifications on it.

3) understand the basic operating methods of mainstream databases.

4) as far as possible to dredge and build you do stand related aspects of the network, and sometimes, friends help, let us go less detours.

5) psychological preparation, we can not give up halfway, everything, success must be paid, we only in tears and sweat, to feel the taste of success.

two, site positioning,

Internet resources have very broad, our mining is not enough, but in their own factors (the material input, energy and time into some objective limitations) under the influence, we can’t make any one of the sites we will succeed. We need to locate and grasp the direction and the route of our website development. So, how do we go to determine the route and direction we choose the starting point? What kind of? Understand certain aspects of the Internet, you do stand for which groups, so you have to know this one, we can defeat.

1) identify the groups your web site is facing.

2) what does this group need most? What do they lack? What are their tastes?

3) what part of your website is missing on the Internet, but what is urgently needed,


4) grasp the characteristics and focus of your website, so that users will be bright when they enter

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