– how to set the web path?

first, let’s divide the paths of web pages into 3 categories:

1, domain name path, for example: www.flash.cn for domain name path

2, directory path, for example: www. flash.cn/GAME/ path "GMAE/" for directory path

3, page path, for example: www. flash.cn/GAME/123.HTM path ‘123.HTM’ is the page path

1. Domain name path selection

a web site, in deciding the content, also has to decide which domain name to choose to better relate to the content of the site. For example: do FLASH class site, domain name is best to use with "FLASH" the word domain name.

in GOOGLE Search Search "FLASH" www.google.cn/search? Q=flash& ie=utf-8& oe=utf-8& aq=t& rls=org.mozilla:zh-CN:official& the word client=firefox-a, but part of the search results page address in FLASH with words. It’s even more proof that choosing a web path can be related to the content of your web site.

two, directory path selection

choosing a content related word for the path will help the search engine better determine the content of the web pages under your path, and also have relevance. Suppose we chose "GMAE /" as the directory path, then the contents of the web page related to GAME should be placed below the directory. At the same time, when you do keywords optimization, you can choose "game" or "flash game" and other words as your page keywords. In conjunction with the web path keywords, in search will be more obvious ranking effect.

someone would ask, "we have only the word" GAME "in our directory path, and there is no complete association between FLASH and GAME,


the answer is no, because you ignore your main domain also contains "FLASH" in the word, the search will take up the word combination analysis using the 2 path, the search results page address associated will bold display, for example: www.FLASH.cn/ GAME/. This also plays the role of web path and keyword associated with, improve the ranking effect.

three, page path selection

according to the page path mentioned earlier, for example: www. flash.cn/GAME/>

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