Qingming Festival online worship platform high-profile debut, this year’s Qingming Festival added some content, virtual online worship way launched by netizens attention. Convenient, safety, environmental protection, conservation, permanent online worship gradually for the cognitive characteristics and accepted by people, many people work abroad, because of busy and other reasons, unable to return home to the deceased in the Qingming Festival, always feel sorry, now have online worship, let a lot of wandering can express a little filial piety.

in the A5 Forum on "online wrshipping website comment and discussion posts, the webmaster or more optimistic for this mode, the real life worship moved to the Internet, more convenient, also retained the traditional worship customs Chinese. At the same time, it also questioned the timeliness of such websites, after the Ching Ming Festival, online worship platform how to continue to retain users?

1 aging problem

some people say that Qingming Festival only once a year, online worship platform timeliness is too strong, weekdays may be no traffic. This year’s Tomb Sweeping Day eve, online worship platform was high-profile exposure, the media have reported that many users curious, many people visit the site to see what exactly. Many online worship sites, Qingming site flow of thousands or even tens of thousands of IP, but after the Ching Ming Festival, may not have so much traffic. How do you keep traffic on the site?

although there is only one tomb sweeping season every year, there are people who stay away from relatives every day. According to incomplete statistics, the average daily number of deaths China tens of thousands of people, if these figures there are some people in the family worship online network platform for their relatives in the memorial tomb, online, online worship sites can also keep visitors on weekdays. Now the society advocate low carbon life, environmental protection, conservation of life are sure to remember deceased loved ones, except in the heart to commemorate the worship online platform is a good way, should attract more and more attention of Internet users. If the online worship platform can retain this part of the user, the development of the site will be no limitation of timeliness.

2 innovation issues

Chinese has always been the custom of ancestor worship, but with the development of human society and the pressure of competition, a lot of people busy, leave the hometown, even now Qingming small holiday for three days, many people still can not go home to worship. The emergence of online worship platform provides people with a new way of worship. The traditional worship to the Internet, to provide users with convenient, Qingming can not go home also has a worship platform. In addition, for some of the network is not masked, and chatted very happy, but unexpected friends also have a platform for mourning. In April 4th, "Jiangmin technology founder Wang Jiangmin died of illness" netizens on MR Wang Jiangmin’s departure grieved, especially IT in the circle of friends is to recall him, worship network quickly launched the Wang Jiangmin memorial hall, users can worship online platform expressed condolences to him and wish him well.

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