summer is coming, many children will have the first site in life during this period, this paper will recommend the current domestic popular website program, although only a primer, but hope for the upcoming website to help a friend.


one, build information station

information station is the first choice for most personal webmaster, and the information station of CMS procedures, domestic basic dedecms mostly, with webmaster nature of the site is in the majority, typical users for Admin5 and jz123. And network media is inclined to use CMSTOP, typical user has Techweb, stationmaster’s home. In addition, there are mobile easy system, many stations I have to use SiteFactory site, but because of the difficulty of starting, involving programming, solid is not recommended.


requires two things to do an information station: one is social and one is editing. Social networking refers to cooperation with various online media and bloggers, while editors are the ability to edit articles. It is difficult to do something for more than one year, especially in SEO, it is difficult to get better search flow in the early stage of information station.

two, build forum

, Discuz, and PHPwind are the most common forum programs in the country, and there are so many typical users that even the Baidu webmaster forum is using Discuz, which is not explained here. And ASP and.Net, as well as BBSMAX, DVbbs, webmaster Home Forum on the use of BBSMAX.


Forum’s early operation is very difficult, especially personal forums, for the forum, the promotion work well done, to many people, but not registered or not posted meaningless. But if the operation is in place, even if not promoted, the reputation between members will also help you bring a large number of users. That’s why many people try very hard to promote the forum without any success. Recommended reading: two principles of novice operation forum.

three, Tao

guest program there are many, such as Taobao, Taobao and grass off procedures – is a good guest program, the typical user is not much, but this kind of website is relatively low-key, now more popular Taobao customer is similar to the beauty that map of interest form class, not free program.


if you just want to earn a little money in the summer by the network, is the most appropriate to do so but guest, guest people very much, competition is fierce, it is unlikely to want to build up the family fortunes.

four, blogging

, WordPress, Z-blog and Emlog are the most popular blog systems in China, and my blog is based on Zblog. Besides, blog programs also have PJ>

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