through the mass of information in Sina, Sohu website, search Google, Baidu to the infinite, to the diversification of Shanda, Tencent qq. Technology seems to have been king, why so far? Network creativity value geometry?

, let’s talk about these two issues:

1. Technology resource is king

1, the network needs barriers, and technology just meets the requirements of

there is no doubt that with the increasing proliferation of Copy, VC are more concerned about barriers, therefore, with the technical core of the network company is more likely to become a preference of venture capitalists. And capital in the Internet industry is also a pivotal position in the achievement of a number of technology-based enterprises. Such as Google, Baidu.

2, born better, as early as birth, technical resources is king

to Sina, Sohu as the representative of the first generation of websites, so far has a difficult position to shake. I think there are three reasons: 1, early, most people still do not understand what is the Internet, has begun to understand the Sina 2, rich in resources, the web site has a natural capital, easier to dig the outstanding technical talent, at the same time the first ring, natural star resources such as Sina, a hundred responses to a single call. Exaggerated analogy is like the central station and the local station, where advertising effect is good as can be imagined 3, capital adequacy, the rapid formation of monopoly.

two, creative world

Although the

portal is still arrogant, but with the further development of the Internet, I am afraid is not optimistic. With the rise of some creative websites and industry websites, the situation will become more severe. We now say several successful examples of network creativity: for your reference: Alibaba, Hi2000, 51job, Ctrip, personal website hao123.

although these sites now have achieved good results, but the creative point of view, and not much new at all, and the most exotic, that no ground for blame. After all, this is a good way for the Nuggets, you have no much difference with a hoe shovel. Strong support of other sites have more or less human or technology, but the success of hao123 is more like a well respected personal webmaster.

in conclusion, our list of successful old network companies, although indispensable technology, but creativity is undoubtedly accounted for half of the country. With the Web2.0 100 station on creativity is more important, if the previous domestic websites also just stay in the copy or a local correction, it is need further improvement and innovation of the time.

three, a center of creativity and two basic points,

now, let’s illustrate our point of view, how creative and creative.

creativity needs to follow Maslow’s theory of human needs,

The basic meanings required at all levels of

are as follows:

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