choose a domain name has a lot of attention to: the domain name is registered, if there have been records, different domain registrar and the next station we have a great impact, I talk a little bit of my domain name selection experience.

website now needs for the record, no record may put your site off, select the domain name you should first look at whether the domain name has been filing records, you can go to the Ministry of information industry to check there is no record of record, if you re filing records will be very troublesome.

also check your choice of domain name is not registered, are registered, you need to check whether it is Baidu K, if the K domain name you used to do station and included is more difficult, the weight is difficult to go up, so it is best not to use the domain name.

if you do English website that you have to choose the COM domain name, do Chinese station for I think CN and com are the same, which does not exist in the quality of search engine included CN, domain name or some of the benefits.

domestic domain registrar general is the new network, 10 thousand nets, agents and their reciprocal Chinese, their analytical platform is slightly different, the general space we all just need to add a A record is good, if you choose the space is double space, it is best to resolve to the alias main engine, it can achieve the most double space effect, to resolve to the analytic platform of new network host alias most convenient. They will also need to know how long after the analysis of effect, buy how long after the analysis of the purchase price, price, renewal, transfer fees etc..

Have a lot of

now has a registered domain name, a good domain name has very little, how to choose it, if the domain name is more concise, clear, easy to remember, the characteristics of the deep meaning, be sure it is a good domain name, if you use a combination of letters and numbers, the letter O and the number 0 is not even a L, and 1 other people, those who don’t look too good to do together, sounds like G and J don’t go together, it is not easy to remember, is not good, or you can select a web content associated with you, like the wave information such a look, can understand the meaning of the domain name, a long time does not matter, but also help to SEO. Or choose a simple easy to remember, like, a look is very easy to remember, intimacy.

writing is not good, I just want to write a plan to buy domain name site people who have a little reference help.

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