this month, I was surprised that I was pulled over by three clients or friends and asked me to help them design their products. These products, without exception, are large and full of life portal. They requested the production of functions covering real estate, hotels, travel, entertainment, catering, shops, dating, micro-blog, cars, used cars…… As long as it relates to any field of life. With the customer’s words: "as long as the life related I do, and my goal is: let people use my website, without leaving home, you can live.". Let my website have what functions, so that people can not do without me. And my friends and customers are not big millions of CEOs, or big groups. They have just graduated college students, there is a slight profit in the traditional business owners, but the overall characteristics are: limited funds. I tried to convince them to find some common principles for product design for start-ups.

as an entrepreneur, especially a small entrepreneur with limited financial strength. Often confused about the design of their products, there was a good idea, around the idea to think of a product. But I think, look at the site, feel the good function, the function is good, so slowly have a desire to put all others, good function, column, I have to move over, finally the products grew more and more large, beyond the scope of control, and created a any characteristics of grotesque. Not only have buried the original good idea, but also suffered the huge losses in the economy. So for such entrepreneurs, when planning their own products, there is a basic principle: is to streamline your product, focus your energy, financial and human resources to a point, focus on what you want to do, then this point to the outstanding characteristics. And this point is your product, but also your advantage lies only. Because you have the energy and financial resources are concentrated at one point, so you can more easily to control the product, but also easy to do this, even if the product fails, because the roll out of the surface is very small, so bring a little loss.

how do you focus your efforts on one point? The most important thing is to identify your goals. Determine what you want to make a product, and you do this product is not the absolute future of this product, absolutely make money. But within your ability, you can definitely do this product. Spacecraft, mining Mars, are particularly profitable industry, but we can do it? Pig farming, farming is not a huge profits, but as long as the ultimate, you can also small rich side. So the key is whether you can do it well, in the promising things, always do well before you can have a future. When there is a clear goal, we will refer to similar products, with reference to other projects, see if I can learn from the advantages of this step is to add products, the purpose is to let yourself open some ideas. But the addition must be limited, around the point of its own, rather than doing everything. When adding to a certain range >

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