online shopping is a great advantage of convenience, cheap, no home, you can buy the products you need. But any one thing, there are advantages and disadvantages, precisely because of this shortcut and convenience, resulting in some users cheated, users will also have some psychological barriers to purchase. But after all, a just a few, we can not Overgeneralization, users will not give up. A healthy Internet shopping environment, we need to work together to build.

online shopping can not face to face communication, users can not see the product in kind, but also can not see the product sold, this requires our website to build a sense of trust. Whether new or old station, give the user enough trust is the first step in network marketing. Today, from several aspects to share, do a web site that users need to pay attention to. These are only personal opinions. Welcome to correct them.

, the first professional website: as the saying goes "the tailor makes the man", one can let users trust the site must first do a professional, very important to the user’s first impression, the professional does not require you to make a portal, but to find suitable in color collocation section, not far fetched, no typos, error free links, pictures show normal, the best color in the color system, too many colors give users the feeling of clutter; the content of the best don’t read like prose collection, like. Another point is very important, if the content is not so much, do a simple function of the station, do not make a CMS to go far fetched together, a simple site does not mean unprofessional.

second, specialized content: some sites do not provide text too much, just the product information or software, products should be put on the station enough products and related materials, the origin of the detailed information, layout should be neat, the best placed on user comments. And software class site picture processing should be beautiful enough, the focus is on customer case. Apart from the above two points, comprehensive news site is the most, this kind of website using CMS a moment will be made into a small portal, it does not matter, as long as you have enough content to fill the content, not all add their own, so the idea to allow users to generate a part of acquisition part, add a part. Collection of content should not be pseudo original, so that the user has practical help.

third, the third party certification: website copy regardless of how to write, after all, is that their own good, and if the third party authentication, the user is more likely to believe that, if we have third party certification, the best on the site, you can create a separate page to display these certificates includes many aspects, such as Alipay or online banking online payment authorization to use the LOGO, business license, certificate of award, the media reports on the website. These certification is best to make a link, users can remember when you go directly along the link to view. Third party certification is very helpful to improve the website conversion rate. Because the user sees this time, the sense of trust to your website will increase greatly >

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