Hello, I’m the A5 security group jack, and today I’ll talk to you about the issues related to WEB server security.

In fact,

, security settings on the server and website, although I have some experience, but there is no study, so I do today when the lecture was not steadfast, always afraid of being wrong will miss the others, have the wrong place please point out today, as each other the discussion. Maybe you have safety or damage at my master master said laugh or chuckle, but I think my experience after all, there is still a lot of the right place, there are thousands on thousands of than I know fewer people still need someone to provide the experience and information. Ha ha,

now almost part of the webmaster has its own server, and some also use a virtual host or shared server. For consideration in the server security may now in some webmasters use virtual host and flat-share is relatively small, because IDC had excellent technical support, as long as their use of the site program is relatively more, pay more attention to the official release of the news program and vulnerability patch prompt, timely updates on the most the new patches have 80% security, the official patch is released for free to our things, even if the program patches are unable to play, then this website was hacked the possibility of almost more than 80%, so that the program must make timely patch. The second is the virtual host management account password and FTP account password, backstage landing path address and password for the administrator account settings, this may be a lot of people sometimes easy to ignore, but because the account password, the background path negligence password is too simple or not change the default caused by the site is black or a small part of the webmaster. Now there are many fool hacking tools, just a bit of computer technology people can use, for some FTP account password and password simple website backstage website can batch access to the account password, login directly FTP or background to get the WEBSHELL, so in general to get the FTP account password to timely modify to more complex the better. The site after installation timely delete the installation file to modify the background path and background login account password is sure to do, do not trouble, maybe your little operation will give you the site security, great negligence, luck will only bring great security risk to the site, because of an intrusion find that you neglected corner drill you don’t pay attention to vulnerabilities.

well, for the use of virtual host web site security, I said so much for the time being, let’s focus on the independent WEB server security settings.

recently encountered several webmaster ask me for help, see the situation is the same, is because the only figure website, and awareness of security technology to prevent the server not so that the server is controlled by hackers, all websites on the server.

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