news July 2nd, after many confirmed Jiangsu Taizhou original network is empty, Juankuan run away is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The reporter repeatedly tried to contact the original network general manager Liu Hua, the phone has been turned off, the company’s landline phone no answer is not empty, the original Taizhou network office empty office also has been removed. All client is managed, hire server, seize computer room, pay money to also have no hope of recovery.

according to informed sources, the original human network as early as June 20th has transferred all their servers, in June, Jiangsu Telecom on the original human network proceedings,

Jiangsu Telecom successfully applied for property preservation in June 22nd. In arrears Jiangsu Telecom more than 400, in arrears Unicom more than 100, and other in arrears decoration fees, all customers will suffer!


original human network in knowing that the imminent closure, still claims to be about 30 million of the financing and upcoming listing, on the one hand to raise prices, on the other hand to inform customers to expand business volume, in order to defraud more funds to escape. I myself was one of the victims of the incident. It is reported that there is no hope to recover the hosting fees and retrieve the server.

IDC industry integrity once again closed down, running on foot has been an unprecedented test. In fact, in the past two years, IDC operators closed down, or the person responsible for escape events have occurred frequently. The integrity of domestic IDC enterprises has now highlighted the focus of the industry as a whole.

deputy general manager Miss Li Hongyang network believe that: the original network failures worthy of the Internet application providers thought, the future must be to further strengthen the network products and customer service service, and improve the performance of products, continuous innovation and improvement of new products, to ensure the vital interests of customers is not damaged, otherwise the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Of course, with the passage of time, the event will eventually calm down, but the impact of Internet users is far-reaching. Shaken not only Internet users confidence in Internet security, as well as Internet users to buy Internet products, services determination.

The products and services of the primitive network service providers

temporarily left the not to mention, for the basic principle of good faith and moral occupation market, consider how service providers can be effective for customers, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, users of the service providers based on the integrity of the concern, as a famous domestic service network integrity for business, Joyoung network ( in ensuring the quality of service and product innovation on the very place.

and the operation of concept network is special "sincere service, customer first, win-win cooperation", is now more from the system, personnel, technology to ensure that the operating philosophy really be implemented. The company has begun to respond to the speed, service level, technical support three aspects of higher requirements and assessment criteria for services. In addition, the product management authority is fully granted to users. Enables users to manage their products independently and achieve a faster and better service level. For example: user site data, customer may >

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