Baidu under the "network", that is, interpersonal relations, popularity, social relations. This has always been my weakness, and I’m not good at managing them. Some people say that the Internet is doing, that is, connections, there are good connections resources can make you faster success, and naturally twice the effort. For example, exchange Links, develop their own circle, can make some conscious mutual aid groups, these are all contacts. That graph king in the building A5 forum early, but also by virtue of the "National Internet webmaster" human resources, attracting a lot of friends to support, let A5 forum at the beginning of the establishment have a higher starting point, also is the acceleration of the development of the forum.

how to establish a good interpersonal relationship, the accumulation of human resources? Have a colleague in Doug A5, she is responsible for the interview, she often have the opportunity to talk with the Internet leader, finishing their successful experience and do stand experience, she has accumulated contacts more channels; of course, the hope that she is a talkative who she really is. Well, if you don’t have interviews and you don’t have the chance to meet successful people, how do you know more people?


by exchanging web sites and links

blog before the dream, a blog for your website to find allies, build the Internet world’s "BRICs’ "", that is, consciously train the allies of the site, and common development. Many websites in exchange of friendship links, on the one hand, hope to increase the web site through links, to promote the PR value of the website, more important is to cultivate the circle. My blog has been neglected, friendship links in this regard, in fact, ignore the construction of the blog circle, the initiative to give up the value of links. This is very undesirable. In the blog link also is in the choice of friends, and these bloggers is the conscious formation of the circle of contacts.

do a product / site to attract someone

in the A5 version of the chat activity in which there is a discussion of " webmaster how to expand the interpersonal relationship circle, for many people, to build a good interpersonal relationship is not easy, many Internet heavyweights don’t know you, wouldn’t you have more intersection, to know the celebrity after all difficult. DNSPOD founder Wu Hongsheng, Wu said, "it’s not difficult to know a famous person. If you’re big enough, Daniel is willing to get to know you; if you can do a product alone, someone will come to see you.". To put it simply, to cultivate one’s own ability, or to do a particular product alone, so that you can stand side by side with the bull.

pay attention to teamwork and develop collaborative skills

‘s solo era is over, and personal heroism is becoming less prevalent, and teamwork is seen as one of the key capabilities of the twenty-first Century. In many companies, the candidates will be asked to, how the team cooperation ability, such as the Admin5 station network in the near future recruitment, not only requires the applicant to have a strong ability to work, also need good teamwork ability. Only team player >

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