you see that some of the most popular web site, 123114, 26555662345, their large flow of amazing, of course income is also expensive, in fact, they look at the station, the same, model of the plate are similar, this is just said low technical threshold, but it is precisely because of this, web site promotion especially difficult, so I said in front of home market. Several Daniel to divide almost, break too hard, but there is really no way, that we can share with them.

domestic several well-known Web site can be developed to today, it is the development of the early, and then there is originality in the promotion, there is a station do rely on each other to bring traffic, we can be in a poor two white eggs Qiongguang period how to do


(1) by piracy system publicity, the system default home page for your site, so once the system installed on his computer, you can gain a IP, but this system needs to master the production of technology, is actually not difficult, the domestic several big station. Done, almost all rely on this method of flow accumulation. Needless to say, I have a friend in a computer store, making pirated system CD, for customer service computer, then I asked him "how much can you computer?" he said "when you can install dozens of system", I will tell him you can build a web site rely on these systems, the home can give you a lot of ip. Later he used a fake 114 navigation network embedded in the system in less than a year’s time was ten thousand IP, and the flow is also very stable, the domain name is a bit worse (, ha ha, if you have a friend to do computer sales and maintenance, this is not a good way to lose.

(2) site of SEO technology, do not ignore the role of search engines, choose keywords, because Web site keywords are too monotonous and lack of, oh, it is best to find good collocation keywords, the real experience of the user’s search intention, improve website ranking.

(3) try to do a good job in the lower level navigation, so that you can greatly expand the scope of keywords, to enhance the keyword selection space, it is easier to make more web pages have been included.

(4) more BBS post, send soft Wen, more pictures stick, upload watermark pictures. Add a URL to your chat tool signature.

(5) don’t neglect real-life publicity methods, such as business cards and publicity materials.

(6), and many similar sites exchange links, you can earn considerable traffic.

(7) web content is king, to really practical good, give the user a good experience, not good hanging ads, timely advertising should also be based on text ads, do not get some pictures of advertising everywhere.

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