has the opportunity to express his ideas to others, why not make good use of them?

how do you write? Personal feelings are as follows.

one, faith

actually, it’s not difficult to write an article, but it’s difficult to write a good essay. But if you want to express the content of the article is clear, is not so important, after all, not everyone is a writer and writing exercise is in thoroughly tempered out of it. So, the thought of writing, writing and then change it, regardless of their good and bad writing, do not have the courage to say nothing of your life.

two, look, think, chat, write four steps,

(1), ancient words: how many familiar with the Tang Dynasty, not write will chant. We don’t have to memorize many books like the ancients, but reading and reading are indispensable. Look at the senior pioneers of the book, see the thoughts of others, to see others, look at other people’s Expo have contrast, wise remark of an experienced person, compared to out of. So, want to write something, Dongdong, first look, a lot of view, we should all agree.

(2) thought. Thought is the basis for the formation of wisdom, thinking is also thinking, to look at things in the mind once again, after washing their own ideas, and finally come to their own ideas, the wisdom of the light. Learn from each other’s weakness and form your own ideology in the process. It’s a digestive process.

(3) chat. Talk about the popularity of the discussion, there’s nothing to do, let’s have a chat. The conversation here is certainly not a domestic one, but a heated, full of spark discussion. There are friends from afar awfully, like-minded people together, through various channels, each other to express their ideas, Qingnangerchu, confirm each other in the discussion, in a statement or a heated dispute, not only the final success and failure, his thoughts are concise, his final thoughts.

(4) write. When the hearts of the seed, to grasp the time, timely sowing, watering and fertilizing. People are lazy, if not in time to write down ideas, hours or days later will be greatly reduced interest, and then nothing. A person’s mind or not the one and only, but to write out a personal thing definitely is the one and only, also is the original, to myself, maybe 10 minutes after 30 minutes, an unexpected you will write out.

give yourself confidence, see, think, talk, write, one day, you will be able to write a good article copious and fluent.

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