Chinese Internet site, in the bottom of the home page will find the website recruitment links in a limited home page, inch to an inch of gold, each site will stay in space, enough to explain the current site demand for talents, of course, this may be mainly because of the objective requirements of the Internet industry.

once YAHOO, now Google; is the Internet industry reshuffle speed is a deep embodiment. In fact, a closer look, perhaps we will think that Google can have today, in addition to technical factors, but more importantly, has been the pursuit of innovative ideas, so that Google is now a big Mac network kingdom.


in addition to a set of innovative ideas, I think it is more important for innovative talents attention, because all the people, human autonomy, human creativity, every advantage has been great to play.

look at Google and YAHOO’s first victory or defeat, factors investigated in position to field, a technician must have originality, but also need some imagination. Perhaps the key to making a program is for technical people, but I think the same thing, it’s important to be creative.

so I look at the recruitment of Internet in China, and I think it is necessary to pay enough attention to this aspect. Of course, for the technician, to learn a lot of lessons, but also all day to write program code, can really have time to think about the people who are less and less, obliterates their unique innovation, of course, programmers necessary in accordance with the project manager and the whole distribution team, so, something good, good the idea is completely unable to reflect. Programs are in need of people, and it is important to think more. Some people may say that this is made by the superior or the president’s strategy, but the discussion of a person or a few people there, after all, thinking is limited, people is not omnipotent, so their ideas, their ideas, there are certainly gaps, so can not be ignored is we need some personnel to evaluate it.

Perhaps this

for large web sites is OK, because there is a survey and assessment team, but look at the small website, in addition to the technical staff and network coding, in the recruitment seems to have no other, but it is such a strong development, seems very optimistic about the website, perhaps because of lack of creativity the lost many chances. Of course, the small site funding constraints, but I personally think that it is necessary, a website unit enterprises, need at least three complementary advantages of highly innovative personnel.

or for small enterprise website all day busy, which can have time to consider whether you really need such talents? So I think in the near future, there will be for each size of enterprise recruitment consulting organization. A new type of job.

I’m lucky that the design of the cat always makes us feel its changes, and has been imitating the beginning of the QQ, and now there Tencent innovation center. And what worries me the most is Baidu, though

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