we sort out from the website, at present the website can be divided into entertainment, business, portal, information. The entertainment website in addition to several big video station, picture stand, music station, the novel station, it can be said that the current domestic 80% people are doing the so-called "trash" such as garbage station, waste film station. Garbage information station, so called garbage station, because of low technical content, are repeated cloning of other people’s things, the role of the user is not great. Garbage station is relatively easy to do, find a CMS system, change the template, and then set the collection, a station, even if done. Then there is the development of traffic, placement of advertising, began to make money trip.

if you are currently very short of money, you want to make a quick profit from your website and earn a living fee. What can you do as a garbage dump?. If you don’t have the money, I suggest you don’t do it. Why? Let’s talk about the location of the website. First of all, you should make clear where your strengths are and what useful value you can give the user. You can never make a lot of money if you want to make money at the very beginning. For example, we know that HAO123 is BAIDU5000 million acquisition, Li Xingping had created this web site navigation is the purpose of what is for the convenience of users? Can you want to find the website address, at the time of the search engine is not too developed, his website is very popular, is Chinese tens of thousands of Internet cafes set to the home page. Because he really for the Internet service, virtually also made himself.

So we have to look at the

long term, with the goal is not afraid of the road. Website must be innovative. If someone else does what you do, you’ll always run behind someone else’s ass, and you can’t be an industry class boss.

for the start-up industry website, it is better to start from small goals, even if the resources, funds, manpower and other aspects of the very rich, it is best to start from small start.

identifies the first principles of positioning outside the industry: small is beautiful.

in the initial stage of web development, the target of the website is best to be small enough, and the small is not necessarily bad, and the big one is not necessarily good, because there is still a distance between thought and getting. The goal is very high and the positioning is great. It does not mean that the website can reach the goal of positioning. In order to achieve big goals, it’s better to start with small goals.

positioning small targets, nor is it negative for future big goals. Accurate positioning is often conducive to further development of the site, because at different stages of development, positioning can be changed. For example, the famous American social networking site, Facebook, was originally a community serving students at some of America’s most prestigious universities, and later opened to the public. If you are open to the community at first, it’s hard to imagine Facebook being popular.

if the initial positioning is too large, often lead to long lines, lack of concentration of resources, lack of concentration of energy, and finally difficult to form >

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