as a webmaster, understanding of the Links are generally stay in search engines and increase the PR value of the understanding, and especially the new owners, a lot of the time that Links will directly bring high flow, but in the webmaster nets read a few articles such as < < station by Links rookie site traffic increased steadily > > like the article is more convinced. Of course Links will bring traffic to some type of station. But not where to go.

 :  . Of course, the link is good. This is known to everyone. But sometimes you may not be able to do good friend links. The following focuses on two examples.

    1 new station

    here compared with no old station with a new station, you should go to the Admin5 chianz link forum postings do Links and see if there is no can do Links, my opinion is that new words can be done, a webmaster friends this is what I do. He is a QQ station (he asked not to say the name of the station here is not to say), even Zhang Youyu’s photos do a few key words that I and his friends. Based on the link, you also say Baidu soon included his QQ station, after a period of time after a number of his chain more than 30, what is not limited. The scope of the QQ class, then Google PR value update. His website PR is up to 2,9 the end of the month rose to 3, an average of 3000. IP these days, you said that two months of new sites can do so well now, ha ha.

    2 half a year; PR2 old station;

    this example of the website, the typical QQ traditional Chinese website (you have to say is rubbish station also). You can check the it Links are links to PR2-PR3, used to have more than 30 links, now there are about 20, the webmaster friends said to me " you also say, and the site was an accident, a month ago I and a dozen stations link their PR is 0 and I was 2 PR, but after one month after they have become 2 and 3, you think of it. " I heard these words. I think the original webmaster friends may not be warm-hearted and their links, but taking into account future development. Hear this sentence what do you think of


 :  : the key: the link site may not be great, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going well.

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