today’s news report caught my attention with a typing news about Tom Hanks typing into the top spot. It is understood that Tom Hanks is an American film and television actor, has about 8000000 fans on twitter, the development of application called Hanx Writer, is the application of a typewriter, the application is the first American iPad application efficiency ranking classification. The film stars App this thing, is a large cross-border, generally the probability of success is very small, before this Chinese there are many examples, such as Han Han’s "one one", there are a lot of celebrities speak of App and so on, little success, the film stars Tom Hanks Hanx Writer App succeed is very rare. Driven by curiosity, I downloaded the App and studied it. Here’s how I feel.

this is a good product,

from the author’s point of view, this is a good product. What is a good product, that is, from the product creativity, product features, user experience, interface design, use, feeling and so on, the overall feeling is very good. The first said the function of products, this product ideas and function is relatively simple, is a simple old typewriter, rattle through the keyboard, can automatically wrap, but also can move the paper, you can replace the skin, but also can be an external Bluetooth keyboard, and the old fashioned typewriter is almost as like as two peas. Quite an old typewriter, meet the typing is not a problem.

said the user experience, that makes me feel a few highlights of the place: the first is the delete key, delete key normal keyboard will easily remove a lot of words, but the delete key hanx writer is a delete, the office is much easier to delete a friend is a gospel; second highlights of dubbing, typing "key voice ticking" and old-fashioned typewriter sounds very close, in a quiet environment, typing ticking feel very comfortable, for countless love writing friends is a good, sound and backspace is also very realistic.

this product in the user experience is to do the homework; the last one is the UI design, the UI imitate the old-fashioned typewriter interface, the Tom and thanks personal hobby is inseparable from the love of Tom thanks on the old-fashioned typewriter typewriter appearance, feel well, and is also involved in the product the design of hanx writer UI to help UI, making the product more in line with the feeling of a typewriter. At the same time, from the product point of view, Tom thanks obviously more understanding of the product, although cross-border, but its product concept more in line with the feeling of the product, and this hanx writer success is not unrelated. Many domestic stars have also done App, but it is >

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