"to more cases will be more attractive, in the depth of thinking and I must post a unique perspective on the topic of the subject at the same time, a blog on my blog so tactful suggestion.


speak well with facts, but do well,

it! The friends of Bo message gave away I can’t face the pain — each blog, I have for the selection of a more convincing case to worry about, but can not find more time only take Matt Cutts strongly recommended "crush" video marketing, Claude · Hopki "HeineKen" beer ", ZAC personal branding and several classic cases evident to anyone that, feel poor.

this blog at first glance down, perhaps no shortage of ideas, impressive; but each case, no real case of strong feasibility, will give the impression of "mountain bamboo shoots, thick skinned and hollow point impression," unrealistic in the course of time, readers are tired, no wonder my last blog promotion not far from the line (of course, my blog has suffered so embarrassing traffic, another important reason is lack of promotion).


users have pointed out that I had this problem, but I always thought of "more important than method", "ability is not their strength as an excuse to stall, but if the low level competition in the same quality, you have profound ideas can make your blog through your talent shows itself in practice, what makes people believe you so-called" deep thought "

?But this time the

blog message touched me in good faith, but also does the point — the thought is unique, insightful indeed is my strength; the opposite can be used as the coin, hands-on ability is my usual shortcomings. To sum up in a word, is above, lack of execution, not in the daily work to practice their own theory, through their tireless efforts to overcome various difficulties, and finally get the operation results in a compelling blog.


" and "consistent ability" is not the final reason for convincing, because website operations, network marketing is originally a "practice results speak" work. "Always hands-on ability" is only my heart impetuous, confusion excuse – think continuously as long as the "copy their success", "enlarge their strengths, circumvent their own weaknesses, by virtue of their own a few so-called insightful blog, really" become experts in the field. "You don’t need the daily work of trivial and boring website operation promotion practice. I had more and more the lack of access to the network marketing industry that can’t wait to delve into like hunger and thirst to learn the spirit of passion and knowledge in practice.

no wonder I often feel no successful cases of personal practice, but at a loss what to do, powerless, only.

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