two days ago wrote "talent network operators how to make recruitment companies to pay" article, introduced in the operation process of talent network, how to capture the enterprise heart with some skill. But in operation, there are actually more skills to improve the rate of talent networks. Share these tips today.

1, the first set of well-known enterprises

people have an unconscious habit, that is, "follow the trend"". Can go to Taobao to see, the general is selling more fire shops, the more easily accepted by others, thereby selling more fire. Therefore, operators of Taobao stores will use a skill called "build explosion", through unprofitable or even loss way to build burst, and then drive the store’s other goods. Talent network operation is the same, in reality, as long as the well-known enterprises trust the site, other enterprises will be very easy to accept. Especially for local talent networks, well-known enterprises in general on those few, local people are familiar with them. So, as long as you talk about the next one, it will greatly increase the rate of future production. As for what you are going to talk about, I do not think this should not be for profit purposes, you can discount, gift, cooperation and so on, so as to achieve two-way advertising.

2, increase the line exposure rate of

network enterprises in reality, the proportion is still very small, mostly offline enterprises, not familiar with these web recruitment sites. Especially in the two or three line city, if you talk to a factory owner, "51job" and "China talent net", you don’t know it. Not to mention a small local recruitment network. Therefore, it is very important to improve the local exposure rate of a website. When a friend of a local website talks about a single item, he often asks the other party, "why didn’t you see what your website did?"". This is not just a promotion, but also the recruitment of enterprises to your website is sufficient confidence in the protection. Therefore, posters, leaflets and so on can not be saved. Of course, when choosing, you should choose cost-effective, if you already have a considerable talent resources, you can put these ads are geared to enterprises, so that they can feel on the line.


data is better than you

business is most afraid of using your product, but can not recruit people. Instead of introducing how convenient and convenient online recruitment is to an enterprise, it’s better to use data as it demonstrates the strength of your web site. For example, how many resumes, how many new resumes are there per day, and how many companies are hired every day to recruit people?. This is the most convincing thing.

4, highlighting the outstanding talent active website

with the popularity of the University, it is not difficult to recruit new workers now, but it is difficult to recruit those experienced talents. Therefore, excellent talent is also part of the competitiveness of talent network. Talent network has highlighted these outstanding talents, especially the "work experience", "education" of such enterprises sensitive information, are directly displayed. Update frequently!

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