As for why the title

called Liu Erchuang: a problem – solve immediately? Many people should not understand, the problem is that everyone will exist, more or less, to solve a problem is fundamental to solve immediately is the best way to


I’ve often put to drag down that wanted to do something until 1 weeks or longer period of time, also don’t know what a waste of time where, in fact I think many people should know, the problem is always the problem, sometimes the problem is greater the drag. The more difficult the more drag drag, more do not want to do, why



first: the problem is such a thing, you ignore it, it will grow crazy, make an inappropriate analogy: in the past, such as cave house, if not a long time to repair it, the hole will be more and more big, finally led to the collapse of housing.

second: if the more difficult, the more difficult, I think people’s psychological problems, people are lazy, especially a thing for a long time not to do, it will become increasingly difficult to think, he can not do it.

third: the more drag, the more do not want to do, in the final analysis, or from the heart of the problem, a long time no completion of the matter will produce such a psychological.

theory is always something good, I love the actual point, I took a problem that it is not good to say, we do not take tile throw, hey, I had just started bidding at that time, I think, how can I do? I’m what never, even the garbage station will not, will not do what the customer service, and no source, and no problems such as money, then a chance to see the bidding Alliance (delivery platform), the first solve my problem, because I have no money so, then is the site, at the time a source, I let a friend help me change on OK, and then is the 400 call, for this problem I dragged there for a week, then how to engage in 400? To a week or a mobile phone number In fact, this code, I was at that time can be resolved, I was dragged on for 1 weeks, then what is the traffic problem, are well certainly after injection, although I still write what Adwords tutorial, but I didn’t know Adwords, I was doing the product is special, it was bought advertising, after spending about 3000, with more than 2 weeks is the time to do a good job, in fact, we all know that the 3.4 days of the time the problem is solved, I never wait until the last in full for more than 1 months time, time = money, a waste of time = waste money, although this theory is nonsense, but also think of Kazakhstan, finally you can still use the 10 days to earn more than 4000 points, only more believe that this road, but oh.

so, I hope that if you have any problems on the way, do it immediately. Don’t drag on

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