thousands of WeChat public numbers are built every day, more of which are subscription numbers, and it’s much easier to run a subscription number now than the service number. General enterprise certification service number of many, but the vast majority of the company’s corporate image is a representative of the real operation is very difficult. The main limitation is that only once a week mass, but also appears in the friend prompted information, often a lot of time, did not choose a good release time and content, fans canceled attention.

, the author feels that the service number is more like a lonely and melancholy prince, although he has a slightly noble background, but lacks the intersection with his fans. Of course, WeChat’s service number might be better if it were developed into a mall or third party, but most people only think that the WeChat public number is a medium to provide information services or to advertise businesses, that’s all.

, it’s not difficult to see that there are a lot of subscribers to pay attention to their needs every day, because even if they follow new content every day, at least they are in the subscription bar, which doesn’t affect our social mood. Suddenly in a bad mood, pop up a WeChat news, a dozen open, even WeChat service number, it is easy to cancel the attention, I think the majority of readers feel the same way.

then, unfortunately, the author’s job is to take over a WeChat number of public service, and the service is connected to the three party, can buy and sell oil, the author pay commission sales directly with the hook! So bitter, not only to increase the development of powder, also fans into customers this task is, as can be imagined how hard


all right, no more complaining. Start by talking about how to develop WeChat service numbers.

, I think the service, the biggest advantage is to improve the function of their names and keywords to do so, in the process of search service number in your ranking, will not rule out the possibility of natural fans concerned. Unfortunately, the author took over the service number of a name is the company name: Jun Henderson Guangdong International micro disk! Although micro disk, the sale of crude oil spot WeChat trader, but this name will allow users cannot directly search to search, such as crude oil micro plate, so I have the basic micro signal see! But in authentication when it has determined the name cannot be changed. Therefore, the author can only give up this method, but the vast number of new media operators comrades must be sure that the name and key words,


two, the main use of QQ group, e-mail, there is a QQ space precise promotion! How do? The operation is the crude oil micro disk service number, so I began to add a lot of related industries QQ group, most are fried inside the spot, and all the WeChat platform, micro disk public number is not too so, this is an advantage, not to rush to send you early micro signal in the group, otherwise it will certainly be T, but the more you add a few small, usually plus group is to understand the reason for crude oil, go in to ask questions, some small occasional bursts of real-time information, such as the original.

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