this time often heard friends complain that "not normal visit, the site was linked to horse and other issues, the importance of space here to host a commonplace talk of an old scholar. As we all know, from the ground floor, if there is no strong foundation, high-rise buildings will not be stable, and solid foundation is the premise and guarantee of high-rise buildings. Do the same thing, if the former site did not choose a good host space provider, do station later will encounter a series of unexpected problems, these problems often make people crazy.

host space is virtual, but it is a prerequisite for the presence of the site, carrying the content of the site, traffic, all links, etc.. The best state of the host space is that when you use it, you hardly notice it, but once you have a problem, you can find the relevant technical personnel at once and solve the problem immediately. If the host cannot access problems, "or horse, and can’t find a responsible person to solve the problem, the most anxious, want to cry but no tears! So choose to host space must pay attention to, not cheap, not seriously.

in general, there are several criteria for judging the quality of the host space, namely, the speed of operation, the stability, the convenience of the operation platform, the price and the after-sale service. Today, the host space market is very mixed, it is difficult to choose, almost all network companies can provide similar services, but the effect is very different.

for running speed, if the page opens to take more than 5 seconds, I believe that few people wait. Do website from the user experience point of view, to meet the user as the premise, do not do this, it is difficult to win support for users. With the increase in the number of visitors, the speed of opening will be more and more slow, which requires the choice of high-speed space providers, and no longer good sites, it is difficult to retain users, traffic and access is not guaranteed.

stability. If a website is not normally open, there is such a problem as "the page cannot be displayed", this will definitely leave a bad impression on the user. Without a good first impression, it’s difficult to change your mind later. In addition, with the improvement of the web page, the increase of content will also affect the stability of the website. When you do the station, you should take these problems into account.

host space background operation management platform. With the development of intelligence and humanization, people are more and more demanding the simplicity and convenience of operation and management platform. If the background system operation is too cumbersome, not only inconvenient to use, delay problem solving, security performance can not be guaranteed. For example, modify the password, it is best to modify their own background, not through the provider, but also immediately effective; in addition, it is best to upgrade their own systems, update information, and so on. When selecting host space, the server’s management platform needs careful consideration.

prices and services. After all, the cheap and fine products are the minority. If we can find which server provider’s host is running at a high speed, good stability and convenient operation platform, it will be the most natural, but generally

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