China website, with no exaggeration to describe the innumerable. How to stand out in all mortal beings, it’s worth thinking about. Because only those "personality" website, can give visitors a new feeling, attract them to further understand, and even take the initiative to publicize your website. Today, I combine their fragrance when the net, on several points of their views on how to build a website to share with you the new in order to be different.

literally, new in order to be different requires us to do a "new" and a "vision"; specific to our website application, "new" requires us in the website content for the "new", "vision" requires us in website design and "different", table is out of the ordinary.


", in the content of the website for "new"". Here there are two separate aspects, one is the essence of the unique, novel, this point, whether it is a member of a responsible, is a kind of absorptive capacity, but also for Baidu and other major search engines a "good meal."". So, how to do unique content, if you have one hand data resources, that is the best, if there is no first-hand data resources, then we must also make the necessary changes and improve the content. That is what we call false originality. The survival of a web site should be based on content, we need quality and quantity, at the same time to do special, or do pan. Another refers to the timeliness of content publishing is stronger, so fast and timely. A website that is not updated for a long time is like a lazy woman who wears the same dress for a long time. It is unattractive to a man. So, we have to update the content every day. If your site weight is good, Baidu can be included in time, so congratulations, and quickly add hot content up, wait for the flow.

two, in website design beg different". This is the most intuitive, that is what our visitors can see directly. Perhaps some people will say, as a grassroots webmaster, now do not stand for visitors to see, but to do to search engines to see. I never agree with this view. Since we want to be a station, we must try to become bigger and stronger. This is the confidence and determination we should have. And to be bigger and stronger, can only rely on members, rather than rely on search. So we in the site before, there should be an overall plan for the site, try not to the public and the same site, if it is to download using some CMS system, but also to spend more time in the template design point, leaving some good impressions of visitors. A well designed web site, I believe members will give you a high score. For example, my "incense" when the network is an educational model network, I used the icon on the use of WORD and WINDOWS folder, to members of a similar to their own mobile computer feel. I found a lot of active members in some forums to each other, and most of the people to keep abreast of. In a word, a website with a new design is easier to remember, and the rate of return will be high.

of course, the personality of the website must be based on the basis for the convenience of members

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