seo search engine optimization, this is the concept that everybody knows, also be the new career that develops in recent years. But for now, the country has not yet laid down the code of ethics and professional ethics. Then, leave here for SEO to sum up the professional ethics that SEO should have. What on earth is the profession, SEO?.

1, SEO basic principles of professional ethics.

in order to protect the environment of the network, under the premise of complying with the provisions of the state, the following four principles are achieved.

1, responsibility concept

Before providing SEO services,

shall investigate the specific conditions of the service objects on the spot, and make plans according to the actual situation. Grasp the right direction. Propaganda, to serve the readers, to serve the society, and to establish an environment friendly and low carbon marketing concept.

2, benefit concept

has a strong sense of mission and responsibility, and puts social benefits and readers’ benefits in the first place, so as to achieve multi " and win-win "

3, quality concept


does, should be responsible for the person in service, and should be responsible to the readers. To achieve beautiful page, the content of the article in line with reality, good quality, and do " editing, typesetting, proofreading, publishing " quality integration.

4, professionalism,


SEO did not become an occupation standard, but we should also comply with the general rules of Occupation: dedication, dedication, professional work, cautious, the overall situation, the social view and the view of reader, the user experience in the first place.

5, confidentiality principle,

makes sure that the service objects are kept secret and that articles and comments are made while the service object is licensed. Cautious deliberation.

6, professional behavior,

to establish a reputation, integrity services, not to undermine the professional image of SEO, to maintain our love of career.

7, professional discipline,

from the team view, fulfill their job responsibilities, in line with national laws and regulations, professional standards, moral concepts.

two, responsible for the service object

1, respect the unity of service objects, as far as possible to safeguard the rights and interests of service objects, so as to create practical benefits for the object of service.

2, the service object marketing products, to do actual reporting, respect the service object of the industry, respect for the service object of the product direction.

3, reasonable contribution, without prejudice to the product of the service object, brand.

4, no suggestions for defamation of service objects. Be respectful, humble, humble, passionate and sincere.

5, service objects, product updates and R & D, make appropriate and reasonable publicity

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