talking about classification sites, I believe most webmaster are more clear, because classification is a hot topic in recent years. At present, the domestic first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou (not a climate), site classification has gradually been people of knowledge, recognition, classification of brand here competition also tends to incandescent, mainly has: 58 city, go to the market, reputation, people, 88DB. The capital city, the classification website also blossom everywhere, so I recommend you if you do, don’t expect a city or in the capital city of flowering, good planning, two grade three class city, there are a lot of opportunities!


below, with their own running classification, talk about how to operate two level three level classification website: my website

1, investigation, planning,

as the saying goes, there is no investigation, no voice, site must carry out preliminary investigation, understanding of local folk customs, economic conditions, network development, the number of Internet users, Internet users active. The classification website where I was in Guiping City, the city is not large, but the Internet awareness is still relatively strong, comprehensive portal, local vertical portals, the forum has a total of more than 20 sites, basically every site are more or less related to the classification of the forum, but after investigation found that they all have a fatal shortcoming of information: small, slow updating, no independent. It’s a good chance to plug in. After doing a full investigation, I will begin the planning of the website. My principle is to consider the profit point first, and then plan the website column and the key promotion direction according to the profit point. Here, but also to remind friends, do not say I am more interested, you can first do the site, and later consider profit. The idea is wrong, if the operation of the web site can not solve your food and clothing, not for your profit, I believe your interest will not persist too long. Unless you have a lot of RMB! My website after the preliminary investigation, confirmed my website main profit point: real estate, beauty, health, wedding, job recruitment, and determine the site columns: job recruitment, real estate, business, marriage, dating business services, life services, the inside of the column please carefully look at my website, divide these columns is different from other classified sites, which are obtained through the investigation results, the biggest feature is: localization, simple.

2, domain name selection

After the

website is planned, the most important thing is the choice of the domain name. Love Admin5’s words: graph king a, do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many sites do half found agent run, disappeared, B must know only registered.Net.Cn is of no use, you must get.Com or pain with your life. Many people question why I chose the domain name. This domain name is bought in thousands of oceans

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