, first of all, choose to do web content, to develop web content, according to you or your team work ability, workload, acceptance, degree, etc., to develop a framework of simple solutions. (I most dislike team a few feathers (add up all the head also does not have a hundred people) motionless is the plan book ah, not what is holding a scheme, which is a waste of time! Data Center vision do now scale I didn’t write any plans and any plan yes! Is the company’s policies and procedures and other things)

The best

can play something, if you are Zhang Fei, you can get a PigHead electronics store, or tell around the pork content. If you are Liu Bei, is selling straw sandals myself, or related subjects. The metaphor I do not know how, just stressed, should focus on their strengths to do on its own has had experience, do not span is too large, because each span, you must first pay the tuition for a year or two.

I know a very valuable friend, service of 18 listed companies, as executives, almost Chuiladanchang swordsmen. But I found a thing he knows what is good early long ago began to study, but he had no private finance, but a huge amount of money, only symbolic in the play, I asked him why he said he is still learning?… I asked you how long you had studied, he said, 10 years of playing stock… My girlfriend said this in turn to see the stock market 3 PigHead, good future is little sister a few tricks, as large sums of money to buy into the Fund (the little sister is the bank sell fund). Up to now, he has lost 1 Audi Q7.

2 examples for your reference,

back to the theme, what kind of content value, the mainstream, look at the search engine vane became mainstream, burst into a circle to find demand! Whether QQ ah, ah, ah BLOG game Union even when you can find what the old teahouse! But after that, you don’t hurry, think carefully before the needs of life is long. This is very important! I rushed into the wonders of the world last year engaged in playing in the city of X (I play RMB game player, RMB didn’t have demand, found the game exchange) TS tools market, there are many N services around the game player needs (I can not tell you I found the East West, you find out) to

determine the good content, is to do the content,

don’t put too much, I saw 1 owners to engage BBS out of the 2000000000 channels (exaggerated), channel Title cattle B, the number of Posts inside the 0 ha · · · · bovine B content of 1 channels is. I strongly recommend that at the beginning of the 3 channel, 5 is enough, even if the team more too, do the core content to.<> derivative

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