for a variety of reasons, and now there are a lot of shops will be taken in the store in the way of operation, however, such a special operation, naturally also need to grasp the relevant business priorities. The most important thing in the shop is not the characteristics of the commodity or service features – of course, these are also a good operating chip, but this is not all, nor is it fundamental. In the shop, the decisive factor in the shop owner’s business philosophy, that is, the management of the novel itself.

this is like everything has a fundamental, with a foundation to have a rich and fruitful branches, with innovative business models can be innovative decoration style, product style, price and promotion, etc.. The way of operation is like a concert of the tone, with the tone of the building blocks and icing on the cake.

when it comes to innovation management, not that simple game, how funny how to engage, but should not deviate from the. The first is not to consider the business well ingrained, make money, but I consider what to do and how to do to make people pay attention to, what people love? What can I do for you? What people like and need, and then consider how we can show them to people

will open shop in the building, has saved us most of the cost, we should not rest on its laurels for eliminating these costs, and should continue to do the investment helps to expand the benefits of investment. In fact, this preparation is not how difficult, as long as the master of the following points, it can guarantee the profits.

a key, provoke the curiosity of consumers

if you’re going to run a business that people don’t know, then you’re going to have to stir up excitement and curiosity. People unfamiliar with two kinds of things are rather extreme mood to treat, one extreme is very exclusive, like aliens, people face the unfamiliar and strange things, they will tend to think so terrible, with a sense of exclusion.

it’s like in the movie: "the first thing that comes to mind in a situation is’ no ‘, and the other is quite enthusiastic. People are attracted to their strange events, sometimes with a kind of almost blind enthusiasm. Curiosity Kills the cat, that’s what it means.

is like Japan’s "feast of the human body", which is a novel experience, there are always people feel strange and refused, there are always people willing to appreciate, to try. This is the use of anti conventional principles, the production of consumer surprise to sell a means of operation. Such a method can make a person feel boring boring, but also often make a part of the novel feel happy, and then pay, but the strong directivity is always a special stimulus.

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