wedding class enterprise station number, and all enterprises, wedding class enterprise station also has many places need to be modified, we think: enterprise station can give users what, more specifically a wedding business class station needs what function, why to design these functions how we understand the needs of users, users of the Internet habits of how much we know what users love, what users dislike and so on. These we cannot escape in the establishment of the question, also is the wedding business class station, how to let users love yourself, to know the user first love your website, then you can pay attention to service and price. This article through the case explains the nuptial dress kind enterprise station function design criticism.

first: when designing, do not take into account the details of picture processing

the function of a site can reflect the value of the website, information website has rich content, fiction website up-to-date with the latest sections of the novel, the wedding company stands on the design function, the first consideration is the needs and preferences of users, a large part of the wedding enterprises similar to station other companies have several stations, news, etc. the plate design works. The work effect is the most important, this kind of enterprise station users who intend to get married is a natural person, the wedding is definitely very seriously, so will generally choose the local wedding photography company with good reputation, through a friend of more general. Users are most concerned about is how to shoot the effect, so will see some works, wedding websites should be in the form of pictures show the efforts by JS or FLASH in the form of anything, and strive to give users the best impression, another picture of the site effect is also very important, do not use the watermark picture clarity is high.

Second Criticism: page style does not conform to the wedding photography industry

wedding photography industry enterprises should adopt what kind of style, personal thought the most important thing is to give users a "romantic, warm feeling, color collocation can use pink and purple. Some wedding photography enterprise stand with a black color, in fact, these are not suitable for this kind of tone enterprise station, of course can also be a little offbeat style, giving users a sense of bright eyes, enhance the user’s impression is also very good. In fact, most of the enterprises are not pay attention to the style of the station page, but are more accustomed to plagiarism, competitors to follow suit style, you can not follow, but is certainly not completely copied, so not to impress users. The page style can also express a business style and image, a beautiful website will let users love, linger, but an ugly website will often let people do not want to continue reading, especially the wedding photography website that


third Criticism: the content on the website can not attract users click

It’s not easy for

to let users be interested in what’s on the web

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