Baidu Hi launched how many days, I do not remember clearly, should be more than a week, two weeks less than, what is the current situation in Baidu Hi? To tell the truth, not a general embarrassment.

Why does

say Baidu Hi is embarrassing?

Baidu Hi promotion is good, invite a certain number of friends using Baidu Hi, and then get the constructive quota, arouse the enthusiasm of the invitation, and then the exponential growth of users is very simple but very practical, lack of promotion, I believe that Baidu Hi client has been downloaded millions, millions of client downloads after the embarrassing situation emerged: no one like the Baidu Hi QQ hung hung, friends there are dozens of hundreds of online, but a few, but very lack of communication.

Baidu Hi before the introduction of even the user viscosity considerations so inconsiderate, sad ah… I now examine why not stick to the user.

1, Baidu think let users add dozens of friends, they will chat in full swing, but unfortunately Baidu wrong, chatting to people as early as in their QQ friends.

2, most of China’s Internet users have been out of the chat all night long, more than 80% of users rarely communicate with people who are not familiar with.

3, Baidu Hier many use the Internet bar computer, QQ program, every Internet bar has, but the Baidu Hi program is hard to say, so even if someone chat, before the assembly line is also very likely to exchange QQ.

4, because important contacts are in my QQ friends, Baidu is almost no important people, so Baidu Hi can hang up, but QQ is almost always hung.

4 points above is my personal summary, certainly not the most comprehensive, but it can be argued that Baidu does not consider the user viscosity in place, Baidu hopes to introduce measures to save the situation as soon as possible, I love simple Baidu Hi, looking at the QQ interface at fan Rong, floating around the Oracle. And look at everyone in the idiotic type signature, the mainstream QQ space to show off, I am –


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