With the development of

Internet, the analysis tools have changed fundamentally. The former network analysis may only be done by clicking and counting. As the analysis tool changes, we can learn more about the interaction between the audience and the site or application through big data.


indeed, there are many tools to choose from now, so trying to satisfy all requirements with a single tool is extremely foolish. According to different requirements and the size of the enterprise, you can choose a combination of analysis tools, to meet your needs, following the five network analysis tools will deliver the goods.

Google Analytics

site analysis tools are important, and Google Analytics (analysis) applies to complex analysis. As you would expect, Google Analytics (analysis) can easily integrate with other Google resources such as AdWords, Search, Console, DoubleClick, and the latest Firebase. Although the Google Analytics (analysis) free edition has some limitations, it is powerful enough to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises.


for basic reports, Google Analytics (analysis) out of the box. You can access analysis data within a few hours of adding resources (sites or applications), and related trace code. For data generated by Google Analytics (analysis), it is by no means the configuration that a basic report can have. By default, you can access many important indicators such as bounce rate, the flow of geographic segments, traffic sources, the use of equipment, the best effect of flow behavior, web pages and content, the operation of these data to highlight the website.

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Google Analytics (analysis) will bring search traffic and Search Console Association (including some key) data, if you put in a AdWord series of ads, associated AdWord account will display and advertising related data.

for application developers, if you integrate Firebase into Google Analytics (analysis), you can collect and view data relevant to your application. This is not limited to Android applications, also supports iOS, C + + and Unity. Like Google Analytics, you can access user behavior, audience features, application crashes, push notifications, effectiveness, deep link effects, and purchase related data and analysis data within an application.


Kissmetrics offers two products: analysis and interaction, though you may be the most analytical

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