last year in his spare time spent half a year in preparation of a building materials industry trade portal, after repeated consideration, the name of the web site eventually named Chinese building materials business network, the domain name is At the end of the year, China’s building materials business network formally launched, the first version of the site is temporarily written, and the remaining is network operation, so I also played the so-called webmaster.

operation of our website:

content: every morning update website news, price quotes, topic building materials building materials issued quiz, inquiry, focus, and view the Alexa ranking is improved, see flow statistics 51yes whether there are new changes.

information: to well-known Web site blog, forum, news comment reply, at the same time to the classification on the website to help our customers to release information, such as 58 city, people network, Ganji and so on, the effect is still there, because the other website to update the content will turn us the information released to their own website, virtually to help us make some free publicity, will also increase the reverse link site, help to enhance the site PR value.

advertising: at the same time we also spend money early to do promotion, the so-called burn, in Google first, look at the actual site can give us what kind of effect, but also analysis of some key words, to see which is more popular, this website SEO optimization in the future;

advertising on the Internet, alimama advertising has done a lot, just began to do large-scale, of course, is slightly detached and building site. Big and small probably do more than 100 website advertising, each have at least one week, one week down, we analyze each advertising effect on the website alimama, found that more money or better, not known the basic site did not give us what we focus on flow. Do the website advertising several famous building materials and furniture industry,

link: at the same time we use advertising and website owners QQ email and others in other sites, and they exchange Links, because of interest, which generally can exchange links and their website may do. In that case, the use of their PR weight values can also be very useful for our future ascension of PR values.

do optimization: now our website a large part of traffic is from Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other well-known search engines have come. Thanks to our previous website optimization, in our previous Baidu, Google early for promotion, we collected a large number of popular keyword analysis, and then do some optimization on our website program, after repeated optimization, site traffic finally has a new upgrade. Of course, the middle is >

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