began to pay attention to their own in the development of the Internet in the moment of all walks of life, even the computer will not boot the traditional boss began to seriously understand this information, this is because the Internet has a profound influence on really modern business, so many business and realize the importance of their own can obtain the source of business on the internet.

therefore, no matter in which industry, no matter what kind of production and management activities, they began to turn their eyes to the internet. As a result, the Internet related services for these small and medium-sized owners have increased accordingly, such as station service, marketing promotion, advertising services. And for those who have accumulated years of capital business owners, spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, so that they may have more business and reputation, it is a very happy thing to do. So do promotion is also very common money on their own websites spent on things, but it is after the money will appear to let these companies wonder, are so successful at service providers show case, why they spend the same amount of money is not much effect, if it is extension service party not, it is impossible to appear a large gap.

is actually a lot of reasons are in our own body, because we generally is a part of the service to others to do, and they certainly also to do business, will only take into account their own part, while others will not control what. In fact, this will lead to our promotion costs wasted. The reason, I think, generally has the following:

first, web site services are unstable and increase access costs.

for many small and medium enterprises, that they have given thousands of dollars to the promotion company, such as those search engines, you can sit back and relax, you do not have to bother. As we all know, in the domestic market is the domain name space station free, that is free is also a package service only, often in order to reduce the cost will only provide very general or very poor quality space for enterprise website. Hence this site often cannot access or access is slow, but this time the site management because they do not know how to control this problem, but the cost of promotion still burning, such as search engine promotion and web promotion is still continuing, the money is still in the passage, and click on the website that have no access to so, the promotion expenses are not wasted?

second, the website design is uncoordinated, the subject is not clear.

many enterprises in order to save the investment in the site, usually to buy a package based site, and is also a template into a website, because they don’t know the Internet do not know good or bad, through the promotion of advertising visiting users may feel like layout and depression, may not see a few jump out the eyes. In addition, the layout of the content of the site, but also in accordance with their own thinking, for example, let the user understand the purchase process as soon as possible, as far as possible

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