Ali listed has led to countless people guess, $200 billion valuation is also so many people envy, just ten years of development for enterprises under the traditional line stunned many, where did the time go, not a good feeling, the market share is gone. Here, I’d like to talk about Taobao.

believes Taobao fakes rampant state will become an important factor affecting the valuation of listed Ali, after all, for foreign credit system is very important, secondly for brand awareness, filled with a large number of fake and shoddy platform is undoubtedly discredited in the brand, and Ali before listing for Taobao is that action to rectify the problems of Taobao will affect the market efficiency. However, the capital market for Taobao’s fancy, but has a different attitude.

Taobao status is still important,

1, traffic entrance, Taobao is an important cornerstone of the Ali group, including other business expansion, including Tmall, Alipay, the balance of treasure, Amoy platform products are based on the Taobao drainage, reduce their acquisition costs, Ali and her mother is as a supplement to the external traffic flow into Taobao.

2, business resources, statistics in the first half of 2013 on statistical businesses for Taobao super 600W, Tmall business more than 10, Taobao and Tmall have commodity total more than 1 billion items, although Taobao free shop, not to mention the train, Juhuasuan, drill exhibition and advertising services, but is greatly small fees for a superb collection of beautiful things including, PU, expanded edition, news channels and other services, Taobao lost business system will undoubtedly cause Ali earnings is not optimistic, without the support of the business, as a non standard commodity platform Taobao also lost the appeal to the user.

3, the influence of the platform, however, Taobao is always Chinese online shopping market giants, the low threshold of the "free" operating income from the rich merchant marketing platform, also changed people’s consumption habits and living habits, whether businesses or users in the online shopping platform for Taobao consumer dependence high, at least at this time.

in the process of development, such as the Taobao myth emerge in an endless stream out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain through Taobao news, build up the family fortunes every day, and from Taobao, but also every day. According to the report of the China e-commerce research center in 2012, the number of Taobao stores exceeded 1 per day, and after more than a year’s development, it has far exceeded this figure.


1, fierce competition, Taobao dividend decrease, although the number of Taobao daily closed shop more than 1, but the number of shops in the same day the new Taobao also many, the shift in the Taobao business squeezed on the same platform will undoubtedly cause competition, even unfair competition, known as Taobao store trilogy, single brush brush drill, brush reputation, unfair cheating shop became the only way which must be passed.

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