is every site must be done for foreign promotion website, in the implementation of the new algorithm with the Baidu system, more and more people do not know the site promotion and optimization of how to start. In fact, when the big web site SEO in the face of such a big innovation, there is no need to pay too much attention to these things, these things focus only on these small companies website SEO just. So why is similar to Sina, Sohu and other large portals do not need to care about the Baidu update? The following small series from different aspects to talk to everyone, as a small SEO website how to learn large website optimization and promotion.

In fact, for many small

website SEO website will feel something and promotion is very troublesome, but do not know these SEO have not thought about what the site is how come? I don’t believe that sina, Sohu and other large sites in the beginning do when there is so much the traffic and user groups, in fact, from these large sites who we can learn a lot of useful things.

first from the optimization of the site itself, we can see the large website that he has its own independent system and stable user groups, these may be our small business station what. But we think, why he can have such a large user groups? Is nothing more than the high quality is the website of its contents and can be attracted to our users, this is we often say that the user experience seo. In the optimization of the site, we should first consider the site is the user experience, and not simply for promotion and promotion. If the content of our website itself is not enough to attract users, then I believe that even if you give a large number of users, you can not retain these users. So for the optimization of the website, must from the perspective of users, allowing users to feel able to find what he wants in your website, the user is in a not over anxious want to exit the site. Instead, the user can find what he needs in the website so that he can do the user’s experience and let the user enjoy his website.

secondly, for a good website, it’s not enough to have a good user experience, and it’s important to have your own features. For any website, features are very important, and that’s what we often call innovation. If a website has only a simple user experience, and there is no user can retain things, then for users, the site with the same user at most will only come two to three times. The best way is to keep the user you want to be able to attract users, let users find your site not only on the user experience is very good, but also let him feel this site next time will get something different, so for the website to have stable long-term will not flow then what is the problem.

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