one. Meaning of home page

home page is a web page that is automatically opened by a user when he opens the browser. Home page is also a web portal, that is, after opening the site to see the first page, most as the home page of the file name is index, default, main or portal, plus extensions.

two. The importance of the content of the first page

(1) grab the user

The first page of the

website is the portal, and the first impression of the user is very important. Web design is a failure if the user is not able to access your site quickly or does not operate conveniently. Don’t let users down and turn to your opponent’s Web site.

(2) speed fast,

, if users log on to your home page, it takes a long time to be a very bad thing. The homepage of a standard website is no more than 60K. Try to write code in simple language, reducing the capacity of the home page.

three. Home page selection

(1) text

text is the core content of the home page of talent network. Enterprise recruitment information, user job information release, mainly in the form of text. At the same time, the release of website news is mainly embodied in words. The biggest advantage of text is to download quickly, browse fast, easy to search engines included.

(2) pictures

picture is the biggest advantage of visual impact, more attractive than the text of the user’s eye. But too much space. The most classic websites using pictures are Google and Baidu, and a logo picture is placed on the front page.

talent website, picture size should be moderate, quantity to control, otherwise the home page file is too big, affect the user’s browsing speed, affect the user experience.

(3) Flash animation

Flash animation used to be a hit. Is also a lot of personal web site of choice, but for talent network, Flash is not a wise choice, both to increase the burden on the home page, influence speed, and can’t achieve very good publicity effect. Flash animations are not recommended.

(4) video

video, like Flash, does not recommend the use of the format in the web.

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