currently McDull worked for a steam museum construction company network department work directly to the boss assessment, so more contact with the boss. At present, many enterprises have realized the importance of network marketing, according to the interview, McDull exchange experience, responsible person in the eyes of these enterprises, network marketing is just keyword ranking Baidu page, product information can search on the Internet. But often in the investment part of the funds and labor costs, but eager to see the effect. So how does SEOER get along with business owners? McDull summed up: SEOER and business owners get along with the trilogy.

has to face up to the boss first. Use a saying: you can look down on him, but you can’t look down on him. Any boss will know you better than you do and know where to go. So, when the boss gives you a talk about planning, listen to it with an open mind. It can be said that "take the essence and discard the dross"".

secondly, many bosses talk about their own requirements and insights about online marketing and SEO promotion. On this issue, McDull man-made, SEOer should be bold to express their views, not completely follow the boss’s way of thinking, the boss said what he completed the task on the ok. Such a long time, the effect can not come out, the responsibility is still SEOER himself.

, finally, is to set the right goals for yourself. Some bosses will let SEOER set its own goals, such as how long the keywords, to the next page, or three months after the transaction, how many products, such as. McDull believes that, for these goals, SEOer mind should have an idea, 20% higher than their expectations for the best. Not only to ensure that you can basically achieve the goal after the effort, but also to make the boss feel satisfied.

SEOER and the boss get along, the most important, the most fundamental is to come up with results, use their own ability to create maximum value for the company. Never boast of yourself, and make sure you roll your chest. Otherwise, not only harm themselves, but also harm the credibility of the entire industry! With the release Steam Museum, please leave a link.

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