on the Internet to see many webmaster about the paid use of free space, in fact, I don’t think so, everything has its relativity, no rules no, as long as you follow the agreed terms of business space, I think taking off your space may not It is without rhyme or reason.

users who use free space is generally just learning to build, not yet very understanding, just entered the station, the old webmaster generally no use of free space, free space, after all, there are many restrictions. I began to contact the station in 2003, when nothing understood, then used the Tiger wing 50M free space, with advertising bar, advertising bar is floating up and down with the page, memory, and then never used. There are a lot of free space in the online search, really good use of free space and few. Last year, inadvertently found on the Internet a Longxi Internet free space, the company had not heard of, may be a new company! With their free space to build a navigation station so far, the site has been normal, speed and stability are also, like online said use free space to pay what price,

space providers provide free space, there is a purpose, there is no free lunch, one is to advertise their brand, establish a user base, and secondly, placed third party advertising profits. If you don’t put others to provide advertising space to reach their destination, and certainly can not let you don’t use free space for security, stability, speed space depends on the space business strength, not all free space security, are not stable. Like the Tiger wing, the West West Internet free space, I personally feel good, of course, there are many other space providers to provide free space, I did not test one, no comment.

space to provide free space also have their own, don’t stand in their position to think about the problem, we are in the position to think about the space station, space to provide free space must have many restrictions, such as space must be placed ads or links, not space placed reactionary, pornography, fraud, do card, gambling, contraband, Liuhe color, related video, gaming, passion, love, Trojans, runescape, download, chat rooms, online music / video, spam chain, brush flow and so on; a free space does not provide technical support. Some webmaster want to use other people’s free space and do not want to put ads or links to illegal content, some put some space business rules such as games, Trojan viruses, spam chain, taking off his free space is said to pay the price, no longer trust free space, take the responsibility to the space business, why you don’t reflect on whether there are irregularities? Some put a simple page in the free space, without any content site, a few months is not updated management, this website did not pull Freud any traffic, not up to the space business purpose, take server resources, close the space is normal.

has just entered the line for the webmaster, because do not understand the source code, casually in the next online source code, nor check whether the program >!

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