was the title of this article is: personal site construction should be how to build the chain, but the popular title of the party, you write the title you good people will not see, so he changed the subject of this article is to attract and almost the title to the webmaster friends.

we all know that personal website site is the most difficult early, to enrich the content of the site, to build the site of the chain, and so on. Today, we are talking about how to build the chain in the early stage of website construction. To my website network as an example: Loan defection website is launched in November 24th, in order to achieve the purpose of being included in the search engine, I made a few AD on other sites, 11.26 are now included in Google, Baidu also included the start, so, the chain construction site is very necessary.

the main method on two: in other websites AD paste and write soft Wen, the following to write their own understanding of these two methods. Because your website construction initial stage, will not have many websites to link with you link, you do not have any available resources.

AD paste is a skill, the post can not be written too hastily, like a yellow novel, are "ah!"…… EH?…… Ah…… Ah……" No one saw, AD post is the same, you add a link in a sentence, so send a post, the efficiency is up, but the post will soon be deleted. So we are targeted to AD, how to send? Example, my net loan is to provide loans to loan information and information for personal and business services, so as to find related sites, such as some financial websites or financial forum on the surface of a content the timeliness of articles or news, and then in the fixed keyword above the web link, such a moderator your stuff can be read, even with a small link also tend to be more lenient.

then write, as this is a soft, of course, this soft writing skill is the most poor, suggested that brain cells like me exhausted this dish to write text, or I believe that you will have a better, mainly around their own content to write. This involves literature skills, in fact, there is nothing to say, if you write articles with Han Han, Wang Xiaobao like, who do stand ah, have written a book to go. Simply say some of my own views, are very general, specific operations, their own master. 1. must and your site content; 2. in the article must be mentioned naturally or half unconsciously own website, so that readers can click directly into your website or through the search engine search into your website, otherwise the time wasted; the 3. best of this soft, sometimes effective or useful to many readers, we have advocated content is king, but to take action to achieve this slogan.

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