imperceptibly, my site has been open for a few months, do not know how much a female webmaster country, I am one of them, but because of my age, may be the one and only you, I was only 17 years old this year. In the short few months of doing the station, I experienced my first N.

may I am more offbeat, I love playing computer, not simply on Taobao, like chatting, I was fascinated by the computer program, where a group of code I seem to find fun, may be related to my personality, I prefer to work with these codes of communication does not lie.

, I built the forum myself for the first time,

I set up my own forum a few months ago, basically with two other friends myself. The other two partners, a GG is a skilled master, superb level, but not good words, communication and difficulties, basically, the content of the forum and the development of popular no more suggestions. Another MM knows little about the technology, but she has a lot of ideas about the forum, how to provide content for users, how to let users down, there are many good suggestions. But she didn’t have much time. There was still time on the forum, and then she didn’t come. The final forum of the burden of my shoulders, the maintenance of the forum, the daily routine, long time does not have the right to share the administrator, then thought of a way, the specific version of the area most troublesome personnel, management, assessment by the owner responsible for the classification, let go. Was a lot easier, but there are also some disadvantages, such as bamboo classification according to their own preferences at random as moderators, with personnel authority cliques, but in general is to do something positive, the forum has been on a good way.

, I made money for the first time through forums,

when the forum got better, I was planning how to make money. I took a fancy to the latest popular web games. The reason why choose web games, is a very popular office white-collar welcome "happy network" inspired, happy network is the use of its various small web games to attract a large number of users.

and I entered the game the opportunity, I found a pattern, can not spend a lot of time and money to develop the game to me, operating games and so on, as long as I am in the website to add a game channel, then do some promotion on your website to attract users to play games, I can extracted from the commission. This mode is called web game platform, I as a webmaster to join this platform, you can enjoy a lot of big companies to some web games, I think I have a good site strength, can do such a good game to play with, oh, in fact they know where, I just joined the others platform. When the game player in the game recharge inside, I can get the Commission, oh, a little feeling of success. However, I suggest to you is to find a bigger platform, income is guaranteed, just like me, joined the mobile network bubble, play web game platform popw>

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