lead: This is car 101, founder Luan Xiaorui, "comment on used cars" third. At present, the only profit or profit model in the used car industry has three main types: first, second-hand car finance; two is husband and wife shop; three is used car trading market.

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second-hand car electricity supplier I see (2): how to circumvent the second-hand car electricity supplier those pits, especially in the 1 to 2 stage



on the second-hand car electricity providers, to bubble is a good thing, because the second-hand car business started with too much foam from the first day to bubble will promote the second-hand car business from 1 to the 2 stage of rapid stage.

2005, is the second-hand car electricity supplier 1 year, the so-called second-hand car electricity supplier 1 is: the establishment of used car information release platform, supplemented by the valuation function, profit model is to collect the car business membership fee (also called port fee). Used car electricity supplier 1 imitation of the United States AutoTrader and KBB.Com, are doing flow realization of the transaction, the realization of the channel is actually advertising + sales leads. On behalf of the site there are 51 cars, the first car network, the car 168, Amoy car, 58, and so on. Among them, the car 168 was later acquired by the car home, has become a second-hand car home. Electricity supplier in the 1 stage, in addition to the 168 car and Amoy car, the other basically has existed in name only, Amoy car later due to successive losses several times Yishuai, now renamed the BITAUTO second-hand car.

why did not develop electricity supplier 1 mode? In my opinion, these sites on the first profit model of the pit, is received by the port fee, is actually make money selling by the promotion of sales leads and brand. The port fee model is available in the United States, but not in china. American second-hand car electricity supplier website has three characteristics: first, most of the traditional media transformation into the Internet media, has a long history, such as AutoTrader previously free car information display magazine. And 80 years ago, KBB was selling blue used car prices, brochures, profits, historical data accumulation and brand effect, the brand has been transformed into traffic. Two is the biggest customer of these websites is each big host factory and 4S Inn Group, it is advertisement to cast gold advocate, not bad money. The three is the second-hand car industry chain mature internet marketing, advertisers are willing to pay for the brand and sales leads, such as the United States 4S are willing to store for each sales leads (i.e. customer telephone or email address) to pay fees ranging from $15-25. These conditions are not available in china.

at present, China’s second-hand car development is still in the early stage, the host factory and 4S stores rely on selling new cars to make money, so it will not be used in a large number of second-hand car website advertising. Secondly, the second-hand car site to attract traffic basically rely on Baidu, traffic costs are high, and then the data on the second-hand car website can not be updated in time, so it can not retain old customers, can not form a brand effect. Last middle >

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