4, carrot


for female friends, anemia is a very common phenomenon. Although this situation is very common, but if the anemia situation is too serious, or to the health of female friends pose a great threat. Therefore, the anemia of female friends must eat some food with blood effect. So what women anemia eat what is good? What kind of food can play the role of the blood

1, jujube

, black beans 2


dry mulberry

female anemia eat what good

is the fruit, mulberry stem contains iron is the most abundant. In every one hundred grams of dried mulberries containing 42.5 milligrams of iron which, absolutely is the fruit of the blood product. In life, we can use dry mulberry porridge to drink, it can not only play the role of the blood, but also beauty.

or above is a female anemia to eat what the answer to this question. On the whole, female friends who have anemia must eat more foods with high iron content, such as animal liver and animal blood. At the same time, but also to maintain their own in a relaxed mood, do not be too tired, so you can also bring benefits to bone marrow.

in carrot inside, not only contains a lot of vitamin B and vitamin C, there is a very special nutrients, it is carotene, this material has great benefit to human blood. If the carrot soup, it can be used as a good soup to drink blood.

in the process of blood red dates, absolutely is a preferred food. In red dates, containing a lot of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, this substance can adjust the effect for human body to make new cells The new supersedes the old., as soon as the generation, but also can make the role of good bone marrow hematopoietic enhancement.

you know, eat some beans to the black hair. In fact, black beans also has blood effect, particularly suitable for anemia in women taking. Because in soy, which contains a lot of iron, it can play a role in promoting the formation of red blood cells, so as to achieve the purpose of blood.

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