China’s Internet is in the transition stage, network policy continues to adjust, the grassroots station survival is not ideal. Although the Internet is full of opportunities, it’s not easy to find opportunities and make use of them. The network is very period, how to recognize the situation, adjust the direction, in order to survive? Chinese grassroots millions, many people present the common experience of "strike hard", some people just a smooth transition, some people may be in the brutal competition to be eliminated.

January 28th A5 forum Thursday edition chat activity, invite famous website founder Fan Qing, to discuss the current situation, personal webmaster how to face rationally, through the very period. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

: the guest’s website is Recently, CN domain name registration adjustment has an impact on your website? You are also a personal stand, no registration company, will you consider changing the domain name?


answer: China site.Cn domain name registration, when the individual is not allowed to register, so it is registered with the company. It doesn’t make much difference to me. The domain name has not been considered.

asks: China builds a station to exceed IP 20 thousand days at present, very ideal, the website initial stage, how do you promote the website to go out,


answer: at that time, China did not have so much competition when it was set up. It was a coincidence. Now you ask me to do it, and I’m not sure. At that time, I was providing resources and technology. You have to do this, first of all, to understand what the webmaster needs, to find what they want to them. And, I think, in essence, is not the reason for promotion, the most important thing is to make more friends, I also continue to make friends, as long as you are OK, then many friends are willing to help, of course, I would like to!


asked: that is to say, the promotion of good relationship is no problem? Your website is a friend word-of-mouth out? But networking takes time, now a novice webmaster, if you develop contacts, then promotion is not too slow?

answer: that depends on what station you do. For example, you yourself is a good project, you in order to promote, or in order to improve PR and some not good site to do chain connection, so that although you PR high, others also know, but your brand is like this. To promote, but also to your site and related places to promote!


ask: how do you see webmaster write soft text promotion, and everywhere send URL link promotion way? I read your interview, think everywhere writing soft text promotion way is not good, is it?

answer: everyone’s ideas are not the same, the purpose is not the same! If you write the soft text is to increase the link, then it is possible. But want to achieve other purposes, such as publicity their brand, then I suggest you first do your own web site, and then send the soft wen. As everyone knows, enterprise products are immature

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