do technical origin Lu Songsong successful transformation, soft Wen promotion master, he said, people can not be immutable and frozen, according to their own development to do transformation, or according to the site development to transition. The emphasis is on planning". And Zac told us through his experience that he had no intention of inserting willow trees.

these two views always seem paradoxical, but no matter when, no one has lost to each other.

I often visit Lu Songsong

blog, the home page message board is always bustling, bloggers reply in a timely manner, the enthusiasm made everyone feel a sense of gratitude and admiration, the netizen leaves a message: "the success of the people, people automatically close to him, and not the successful people close to you! You are so successful!" he has become numerous webmaster heart leader, his original technology blog focused on the site design, promotion, operation, has become the object of many websites and subscription lovers collection — he has successfully made the transition.

Zac was founded in 03 years, 06 years began to write "SEO 1 day", without the budget and external social relations, the new technology and their own blog have full of sound and colour. Zac said that the new technology site positioning is to do the host marketing, write SEO every day posted the original purpose is to add some original content to the site and attract external links. I didn’t want to have any development in the SEO industry, but now it’s my main direction".

Lu Songsong is right, no matter what the transition is inevitable, there is no president in the University of professional, there is no "Master Department", but the social profession is ten million. I enter the Internet industry is not long, but also remember the interview into the author of the current units, may be due to professional counterparts, leadership is not good for me. However, we all agree with one view: This is a learning society, whether it is our president or the president of the country, many of them are from science, and the study and growth of the day after tomorrow is the most critical. So I have been working hard, I can stay in A5 and webmaster encyclopedia all day long, because here I can learn a lot of information, learn a lot of Internet knowledge.

can be said that the study of the day after tomorrow, we entered the early stage of society really began, we employment, career choice, that is, the beginning of our transformation. At the time of transformation, we should pay attention to what is, transformation, in order to nurture or the moment? To avoid, if you are a master computer, if you do not have the management talent and love, then don’t switch to do administrative work of the prime minister delusion.

Lu Songsong said he had just started to write comments in your blog promotion, not every hour and moment to see the article reviews, including a 600 day run to comment on the blog, write comments written soft, I think, at that time, Lu Songsong also in the imitation stage, people always learn to imitate constantly, and finally to break through innovation. His technical expertise has laid the material foundation for his soft Wen, and his successful transformation is reasonable.

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