first of all, say the classified information network, there are quite a lot of people doing it now. There are also local and local ones. Now do the old people say no money or that it is very difficult to make money, but to analyze the classified information network you will find this station is really big and not only, but not the whole! It is put on the street psoriasis small ads moved online, so small ads are not in real life to generate value (except advertised person) you want to create economic value on the Internet? A recruitment column has a talent network to do good? Have rental housing rental network to do good


see some shopping pedestrian street shops investment advertising will also see the street shops in the transfer of information, this information is also common in newspapers, so I think this market is still very large, if I can do such a site for renting shops on both sides to provide great convenience, it has great the value of my website. Since they can advertise in the newspaper, that’s OK on my website, as long as I do what I want to do.

considered good after the biggest difficulty is to find the program, because it really has no proper procedures, finally found a friend to help make the appropriate procedures, after the line on the website promotion add information, a lot of information is copied from the street, slowly began to have a popular website, publish information on each on my website I almost will send a message to them, but also as a means of promotion, not only give them a good impression and to deepen the impression of the site, but also the way to promote your own advertising business, some customers slowly will take the initiative to call to request to publish advertising, now basically has control of the local shops information the market has gradually expanded to other areas, such as hotel transfer, transfer office or Internet cafes will Come to my website for information.

roughly write this point, the local information network has a big market, I believe that friends will do better than me, and I hope to communicate with you, my contact qq:52596162

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