my website, Wenzhou free cinema, IP broke 100 today, ha ha, it is not worth mentioning in other people’s eyes.

for the novice, I still want to record some words, as a souvenir.

Wenzhou free theater, is on the line last year, usually mixed together in A5, just look at other webmaster soft and experience, to see the October suddenly wanted to play also prompted by a sudden impulse a station to buy a domain name and domain name space in, then.Cn is as long as 1 yuan a, all of a sudden I buy three, oh.

in A5 much, know the movie station to flow easily and quickly (listen to what others say, ha ha) for movies on the internet station system, Marx knew the film system, but Baidu is a wide range of ban Marx soon, I am a novice, not what I do not want to stand technology. A line is blocked by Baidu, so there is no use of Marx.

later on the Internet for a long time, suddenly found in the search (soyici), that is, I now use the film system, when it seems that soyici came out soon.

download, upload to space, so my website, Wenzhou free cinema is on-line, ha ha. Followed by acquisition, large-scale collection, ha ha, then remember, A5 also issued my first soft Wen, but also some blog links made. But it doesn’t seem to work. IP come to the poor, only about a few. It was cold at heart. However, I have been updated, as long as there are new movies, TV drama out, I will update, the update here that is to collect, is the system comes with the acquisition.

IP has not been good, so, after one or two months, there is no mood to update collection, and put it there, no how to deal with it, and sometimes to collect when you think of it.

do not know when it suddenly found that the site sometimes can not open, but after a while you can open, and then do not know what is going on, and did not mind.

just didn’t look to update the site, until this year is around March, the national large-scale range blocked vulgar content website, at the same time, there is no record of the site for the record or the closure of the station as soon as possible.

in my website blocked vulgar storm station is still there, but soon, in the end of March, the space station asked me to record, but a few days later my station has been closed to open, after the filing requirements. At that time only suddenly felt like this shut, what a pity, the human always such, when loses, only then knows treasures oh.

at the time to fill in the information submitted to the record. A few days later, although the record has not yet passed, but the site has been released.


, I thought a lot and planned to do my best to do my station in Wenzhou free cinema.

I can think of my station before the existence of A.

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