website career for nearly 4 years, remember, figure Wang said webmaster minimum flow requirements 10 thousand IP below is lovers do play, 30 thousand IP below is small adsense…… So strictly speaking, I’m not really a station master, but I’ve always been a station owner. For this reason, I have paid a lot of attention on the website. The main purpose of writing this article is that I think "refueling has development and insists on victory."".

I can’t write an article, but today I still want to write down my website selling process, why fail, sum up the reason of failure. The main purpose of writing this article is to clear up ideas, to regain confidence in the station and the future direction of the site. Also hope to get the noble point, my words may not be very gorgeous, but it is actually recorded.

first, I want to sell the station reason: is registered in 08 years, the site has had 1 and a half years of history, thought only focus to be more successful, so a renewal by 2012, but to enter the industry found himself in this industry are not familiar with, and a lot of things to do as such, persist in the end there is no way of thinking for a long time, only the idea of selling station.

is said to have happened, in September this year when someone just asked me some things about the acquisition of the website (I haven’t released any website to sell information, according to later said he wanted to make the investment in the network, I find the station, from a woman’s website link I feel very much and he. ), at that time was secretly glad that luck has always been a poor me how this time so good luck, just to sell the station’s idea, someone asked, thought it was a liar, the fact is that he really wants to develop in the network, then causes failure of cooperation will be mentioned later in this article.


reached a consensus in the two person, on a good price, I decided to go to Shenzhen to meet us (when I was at home in Jiangxi), because first in the website development very good students in Quanzhou to help do some simple editing and promotion work, but do not remember the reward. This website can sell a good price (after the maintenance work of the website is done by me), want to take him to go out to develop together. First came to Shenzhen to meet with him after a few people together to talk about the direction of the site, some preparations for the business model and the acquisition of the site, and ultimately decided to drive the information website mall sales, and will continue to do it, do women shopping mall, ideas and buyers so we agree without prior without previous consultation. A month of time to prepare for the mall, I talk with classmates back to their place of work (home and feel suspended).

just half a month later, the Shenzhen side sent a hurry, said the manpower and resources are ready, everything is ready only website, indeed because at that time in the busy mall, dragged on for several days, when both sides think: after all, first went to Shenzhen only oral agreed, and did not sign any agreement. See buy >

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